Certified Flameproofing

The latest information about flameproofing in Manhattan and NYC.

An Extra Layer of Protection: Flame Resistant Paint

An accidental fire can start and grow out of control in the blink of an eye.  An oversight, an unfortunate coincidence, just a small action that we had no idea was even hazardous.  In mere seconds, a fire can ignite and become the catalyst to a devastating event. Because the results of fire are so damaging, it’s so important to take every step in our power to prevent them. Some common fire prevention methods are smoke detectors, automatic sprinkler systems, and flameproofed items. But did you know there’s another layer of fire protection you can implement? It’s flame resistant paints and coatings.

Flameproofing and Theater Safety

As those who live in New York, we are fortunate to have exposure to so many theatrical performances. The close proximity of the theater is something we take advantage of - or need to! However, along with some history-making performances, there have also been some history-making fires that have occurred in the theater, such as the Iroquois Theater Fire in Chicago in Chicago and the Brooklyn Theater Fire. Those in the theater industry have taken great pains to ensure that tragedies like those don’t occur again. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about what theater owners need to do to make sure their venues are protected from the threat of fire.

Flameproofing and Hotel Safety

When we stay in hotels while traveling, we rarely think about the behind-the-scenes safety measures that are in place.  We assume that all the details have been taken care of and that the place we are staying has gone through various safety checks. In the past, that hasn't always been the case. The Winecoff Hotel fire in Atlanta, Georga back in the 1940s is just one example of a tragic fire because of the lack of precautions we take today. Thankfully, we have made a lot of progress since then.  If you've ever been nervous about a fire while you're staying at a hotel, it may put your mind at ease to know that there are certain regulations that hotels must follow in order to be operational. Today we'll talk about a few of those regarding fire safety.

The Life-Saving Protection that Flameproofing Provides

When you go into business, you soon realize just how many things are needed if you want to be up and running. There are many legal hoops to jump through, on top of all the preparations for your business product itself.  Some owners are fully on board with this, and some wonder about the legitimacy of all that’s needed to be operational. Fire safety and flameproofing are one of those areas where a business owner might wonder if every little mandate is necessary. Today, we will make the case for the need for flameproofing and if it does indeed save lives.

Flameproofing Throughout the Ages

We typically think of flameproofing as a somewhat modern development, but truth be told, many versions of flameproofing have been in effect throughout history.  While many were not as sophisticated as our modern methods of coating or soaking items in flame repellents, measures still were taken to protect important objects from flames and fire. Humans have always been aware of the dangers associated with fire and have taken steps for protection.