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The Threat of Sports Stadium Fires

When you go to a sporting event, you typically aren't expecting a fire.  A majority of sports arenas have a rigid system in place designed to protect the patrons in the event of a fire. Yet, on any given day, there could be a combination of incidental events that could create the perfect storm for a fire to start. Any time you're at a sporting event - anything from your child's little league game all the way up to the Super Bowl, it's wise to be aware of fire risks and keep an eye out for potential dangers. Today, we're going to take a look at a tragic fire that broke out at an outdoor soccer stadium in Bradford, England and take some cues.

Lightning as a Risk Factor in Fires

There are all kinds of ways fires can start - some very predictable and others a little bizarre and unexpected. However, the best way you can be prepared is to do your best to foresee as many risk factors as possible. One thing that can start fires but one we don't always think about is lightning. Yes, lightning. While it's rare that lightning strikes and causes fires, it's best to have that base covered, especially if you have objects on your building that could be potential lightning rods. Today we are going to look at a fire that started from a lightning strike, and see what lessons we can learn.

5 Critical Elements of Community Risk Reduction

There’s an old saying that goes, “It takes a village.” The idea behind that is that for a community or a group of people to function and prosper, they all need each other and must work together. When you consider fire safety in a neighborhood or locality, it’s no different. All the links in the chain of protection must be strong for a community to have the best defense against fires. This is vital because even a small home fire can be disastrous for an entire neighborhood. Today, we’ll be discussing what a group of people working together should consider when coming up with a fire protection plan for the area in which they work and live.

Fire Risks Associated with Public Assembly Gatherings

New York City is an international mecca for all the finest food, entertainment, and tourism. There is every sort of concert, theater performance, show in the park, local ban at bars... pretty much something for every interest. Yet, while NYC is vastly entertaining, there are certain risks involved with providing this level of production. When you have large crowds gathered in one place, the safety risks increase exponentially. It can be challenging to provide for all elements of safety with crowds this size, fire safety in particular, but with certain practices in place, it can be done.

The Challenges of Fire Safety in Urban Areas

When you think about it, those of us who work and live in New York City are some of the luckiest people on the planet.  Right at our doorstep, we have the finest restaurants, the best entertainment, and some of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the entire world. However, while we are fortunate to live and work where we do, there are certain challenges that come with being part of an urban area.  One of those challenges, in particular, is fire prevention and safety. Today we are going to discuss some of those challenges and how they affect us as New Yorkers.